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Did you know...

Kiss Couture now drop ships from the USA direct to you, making your order arrive days quicker. For example, as soon as you place an order to Kiss Couture your freight is shipped from the USA within 24 hours straight to you on a 3-4 day turn around.

Now that is exceptional service from Kiss Couture. Do any of your other suppliers do that?

Kiss Couture has dropped its prices in 2014. Now that's a good deal especially as the dollar has dropped. Did any of your other suppliers do that?

Kiss Couture has improved fill rates of orders. Plus you can see online what stock levels are in the USA and be confident of your fill rate.

Kiss Couture now has over 82 plus size styles for you to order.

Kiss Couture has done a recent survey of customers and these were the results:

  • 98% of customers thought Kiss Couture was better than other suppliers
  • 85% of customers thought Kiss Couture had cheaper prices
  • 99% of customers thought the quality of Kiss Couture was far superior to other lingerie suppliers

Kiss Couture would love to assist you with your business and achieve the sales and results that you deserve.

Please email sales@kisscouture.com.au to see how we can help you to be your customers number 1 destination for lingerie and costumes.

Email: wholesale@kisscouture.com.au

Postal Address: PO Box 81 Miami, Queensland Australia 4220


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